A Punjabi vacation is a grand affair. They start talking about it many months in advance and the whole neighbourhood knows every detail.

If you are a non-Punjabi, then this post will surely enlighten you on what to expect from such a vacation.

1. They will welcome you with tight hugs and lots of kissing and cuddling


Be wary of the old aunties and uncles, they just don’t want to let go.

2. They will always find you undernourished and anaemic


But that’s just a reason to feed you loads of ghee and butter while you are there.

3. The feasting will go on 24/7


If you are on a diet, we suggest you leave it at home, as these guys just don’t take no for an answer.

4. Get ready to gossip about each and every relative in the family


And after all the bitching they go – Saanu Ki!!

5. The evenings are spent playing cards, board games and blocks


And some of them are very bad losers, so be ready for angry outbursts.

6. A few crying and sobbing sessions are a must

total siyapa

We don’t know why, but the holiday is incomplete till the time some old skeletons are not pulled out of the cupboard.

7. The chittar session/bum spanking session is not to be missed


The elders get some secret pleasure by knocking some sense into us. But we are what we are because of this grilling.

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