Punjabis are the only people who not only sportingly take a joke on themselves but can be expected to tell you two jokes about themselves for each one cracked by you.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they actually enjoy being at the receiving end of all jokes and never react.

In our attempt to probably understand why Punjabis are so laughed at, we realised there were a couple of reasons. Most of the time, they do weird things publicly and that’s what has presumably affected their image.

Here’s a list of those weird things done by Punjabis. Whether these are by chance or done as part of their nature, well God only knows…..Hope you all will appreciate it!!

Punjabis burp really loud in public and walk away as if nothing happened while everyone is left wondering

Fart on really hard in the middle of a gathering

Common problem with most of the Punjabis scratching their private parts while doing a routine task

Talk so loudly on phone…..

uff! They shouldn’t have to yell and tell everyone around

Wiping ghee off their hands on their beard or moustaches after having ‘Kada Parshad’

What achu-achu-achu……

they sneeze out so loud in the open and then go about living their life like nothing disgusting happened

Oh, how can I miss Jhappian te Pappian …. OMG!

There is so much to give.


They dance open-heartily and involve others too…(Aajo behanji…

oh aaja yaar, lattan bawaan sidhiyaan kariye)

“Shinde gal sunn oyeee”…..

they call their children so loudly even if he/she is only a short distance away

Push a door that says “Pull”.

Actually, this is not only with Punjabis but others as well


Being a Punjabi myself, I would say these factors about us keep us distinguished from others. Pompous me!!

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