Chandigarh: Faridkot MLA Gurdit Singh Sekhon met with an accident in Punjab’s Ludhiana district on Tuesday late night. MLA Gurdit Singh’s official vehicle was damaged.

It is being told that accident occurred when suddenly a car going ahead applied brakes. Due to low visibility, his car collided with the another car.

The bumper of the vehicle was damaged after . The MLA was safely pulled out of the vehicle after the vehicle was damaged.

The vehicle immediately informed the police. Police personnel also reached the spot. MLA Gurdit Singh was safely rushed to Chandigarh in another car.

Will conduct a preliminary inquiry

Giving details, Gurdit said he was on his way to Chandigarh from Faridkot. Suddenly the car moving forward applied brakes. Due to low visibility, the car hit the car right ahead, but he is fine. Gurdit Singh said that his body has definitely suffered a setback. The rest will definitely undergo a medical checkup.

Meanwhile, due to stubble burning, smog is constantly increasing on the roads, which led to risk of accidents every day.

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