Chandigarh: Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s new song VAAR has landed in controversy. The Muslim community has objected to this song over using Muhammad word in the song.

In this case, Shahi Imam Punjab Maulana Muhammad Usman Rahmani Ludhianvi spoke to Moosewala’s father Balkaur Singh.

Balkaur Singh told the Shahi Imam over the phone that the word Mohammad was not used for prophet Muhammad of Muslim. These words are about the emperor of that time, Amir Dost Mohammad Khan. At that time Hari Singh Nalua had a war with this emperor.

The song was 7 minutes long

Balkaur Singh said that the Muslim brotherhood has always given love to Sidhu. It uses the word Muhammad to describe Khan Mohammad and his 5 sons. Balkaur Singh said that this song was 7 minutes long, but after the death of his son, this song remained incomplete.

Balkaur apologises

“Prophet Muhammad is respected by all. Muslim society is our own. If anyone’s sentiments are hurt, I apologize,”he said.

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