Ottawa: Despite opposition from Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois, the House of Commons on Thursday passed a dental care benefit bill brought by the Liberals in the third reading.

The bill was passed by 138 votes out of 172. Under this, children of families earning less than $ 90,000 a year will get $ 650 per child for dental care.

Under this program, families must apply through the Canada Revenue Agency and verify that they have booked a dental pageant for their child, that they do not have private insurance, and they can’t meet the appointment cost.

Apart from this, families will also have to keep receipts in this regard as they will be useful to them in case of an audit.

Dental care is at the heart of the supply and confidence deal between the Liberals and the NDP.

The Liberals had promised to launch a federal dental care insurance program by the end of 2022. It was also decided that children from low- and middle-income families would be covered on priority basis under the programme.

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