Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s independent foreign policy in his annual address at the Valdai Discussion Club, saying a lot has been done in India under his leadership.

He also called PM Modi a patriot. “A lot has been done under the leadership of PM Modi,” Reuters wrote in a translation of his statement. His idea of ‘Make in India’ matters both economically and ethically. The future belongs to India, it can be proud that it is the largest democracy in the world.”

Describing India’s development – from the British colony to the modern state , tremendous, the Russian President said that about 1.5 billion people and certain development results give everyone a reason for India’s respect and appreciation.

“We never had a difficult issue and we supported each other and it is still happening. I’m sure it will happen in the future as well.”

Putin also emphasised that PM Modi has asked him to increase the supply of fertilisers which is very important for Indian agriculture.

“We have increased the volume by 7.6 times. Trade in agriculture has almost doubled.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. The Russia-Ukraine war continues even today and India has kept itself impartial on this issue.

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