Washington: At least five people, including an off-duty police officer were killed in a shooting in North Carolina’s capital city, southeast US city police said.

After the incident, the police have surrounded the entire area. The attacker has also been arrested by the police. At present, the police have instructed people not to get out of their homes.

US agencies have said that the attacker suddenly came to the crowded area and started firing. During this time five people died and some are also said to be injured gravely. One of the bullets of the attacker also hit the policeman present there, who died later. The attacker is currently being interrogated.

Gun culture continues to create wreak havoc in the USA. Hundreds of people have died of bullet injuries in the last few years, including many children. Recently, an attempt was made to target school children again in California. There was fierce firing on the school campus in Oakland, in which many people were injured.

Earlier, 17 children were killed in a shooting at a school. A recently released report said that 96 people have been killed in the US this year, most of which targeted in shootings. Many children are also involved in these deaths.

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