Chandigarh: Canada based gangster Goldy Brar threatened the Punjab Jail officials and Cabinet Minister for allegedly harassing his aides lodged in the Bathinda jail.

Gangster Goldy Brar is wanted in the murder case of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala and efforts are being put to bring back Goldy Brar to Punjab.

Brar has threatened by posting a post on Facebook. He told the Punjab Police that an assistant superintendent of central jail Bathinda was harassing his colleagues lodged in Bathinda jail.

Saraj Sandhu, Bobby Malhotra and Jagroshan Hundal are being harassed in Bathinda. He demanded DGP Gaurav Yadav and jail minister Harjot Bains to take action against the deputy superintendent of the jail and if action is not taken, a lesson will be taught in the matter.

He demanded from Jail Minister Harjot Bains that his brothers be shifted to jail and appropriate action should be taken against the Deputy Superintendent. If there is any harm to their brothers, it will be the responsibility of the police.

Reacting to the development, jail Minister said, “Earlier Gangsters were getting VIP Facilities & Pizzas in Jails but not any more. Since the day my CM has given me Jail Portfolio; my all Officers are committed to transform Jails into Real Sudhar Ghars. We are committed to Crime/Mobile/Drug Free Jails. NOTHING CAN STOP IT.”

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