Amritsar: The work of decorating flowers to celebrate the first Parkash Utsav of Sri Guru Granth Sahib on August 28, has started at Golden Temple today.

For the last five years, this service is being done by devotees and this time too, this service is being performed by the owner of KK Sharma Emil Pharmacy in Delhi.

According to the information, 4 trucks of different types of flowers and 150 expert artisans have arrived and the decoration work has been started.

Hundreds of quintals of different kinds of flowers especially from Holland, Thailand, Colombia, China, Australia, Europe, Italy and East Asia will be brought for decoration on the occasion of Prakash Purb.

Every corner of Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib will be decorated with flowers.

A ‘Jalau’ (show of splendour) would also be displayed at the Sanctum Sanctorum, Akal Takht and other places in the premises of Golden Temple.

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