Ottawa: Premiers of Canada gathered on Monday ahead of their health-care talks meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday, to discuss new healthcare funding deal with the provinces.

According to the information, Trudeau is expected to arrive at the meeting in the afternoon on Tuesday during which he will make a two-hour presentation on funding related to health care provided by the federal government.

Federal officials have already indicated that several billion dollars will be released by the Prime Minister in the form of new funding.

This increase in funding will be done in two ways – first by increasing the Canada Health Transfer (CHT) nationally and the second through a bilateral deal regarding the health care needs of each province and territory.

These deals from the federal, provincial and territorial governments will focus on implementing them in a way that holds premiers responsible for improving health care. Citing an example, senior provincial officials in Ontario said Canada’s most populous province would receive $73 billion over the next 10 years.

Of this, an estimated $30 billion will be new funds. According to an estimate, if seen annually, this is an increase of an estimated $ 3 billion.

Meanwhile, Trudeau has also made it clear that the federal government believes that different provinces have different needs and priorities and it is important to be flexible in negotiations.

He, earlier, said that he was not assuming that the deal with all the provinces and territories would be concluded on Tuesday. He indicated that the work would be completed in the coming few weeks.

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