Ottawa: The immigration has risen people in Canada who speak a language other than English and French at home in recent years, reveled a Statistics Canada study.

The study points out that mostly people who speak predominately a South Asian language at home grew incessantly from 2016 to 2021.

The rise is largely linked to growing immigration from Asia. Interestingly, from 2016, to 2020, one quarter of the permanent residents arrived in Canada have been born in a South Asian country, and 1 in 5 were born in India.

The data states that 5.2 per cent population of Canadians grew from 2016 to 2021 while numbers of people who spoke a South Asian language at home grew much more quickly in the same span of time.

In particular, people speaking Malayalam sees +129% to 35,000 people growth, Hindi, +66% to 92,000 people and Punjabi +49% to 520,000 while Gujarati +43% to 92,000 speakers residing in Canada.

Pertinently, growth rate of people who speaks South Asian languages was at least 8th times larger than that of the entire Canadian population.

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