Ottawa: A new survey undertaken by Dalhousie University and Angus Reid revealed that most of Canadians are not ready to buy food that had no “best before” date on it.

There is a campaign pushing aggressively to remove the date written on most food packaging, before which it is advisable to use that food. Many argue that removing such signs can prevent food wastage.

Many grocers in Europe have already implemented this initiative and others are inclined to follow in their footsteps, but the question is whether it will be accepted in Canada?

According to a recent survey undertaken by the Agri Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University, 62 percent of Canadians are against removing best before dates on packed food.

Two percent say they are the exact opposite while 11 per cent people opine that they are not sure about it weather they are against or in favour of it, while 27 per cent said they were in favour this move.

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