New Delhi: According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the global job market will be clouded by crises in the next five years. However, despite this, there is relief news for the Indian job market.

In the next five years, the Indian job market will see less volatility than the average compared to the global job market.

The “Future of Jobs” report released by the WEF recently shows that the Indian job market will see a 22 per cent upheaval in the next five years, which is lower than the 23 per cent of the global job market.

This report of the International Advocacy Group has been prepared on the survey of 800 companies from 27 industry groups and 45 economic regions of the world.

By 2027, 69 million new jobs will be created

According to the WEF report, 69 million new jobs will be created by the year 2027, while 83 million (8.30 crore) jobs are expected to be lost. In this way, about 14 million (1.40 crore) jobs will be cut. This is equivalent to 2 percent of existing jobs.

Along with this, it has been reported in the report that artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data segment will be the biggest contributors to the reasons that will continue to turmoil in the job market. Jobs will increase in some sectors, while there are many sectors where jobs will be reduced.

Jobs around the world are expected to be created in artificial intelligence and machine learning (38 per cent), data analysts and scientists (33 per cent) and data entry clerks (32 per cent) by 2027.

On the contrary, due to the increase in jobs in Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI, jobs will be reduced in some sectors. Accountants and auditors (5 per cent), operations managers (14 per cent) and factory workers (18 per cent) are expected to have the highest job losses.

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