New Delhi: The Supreme Court has given a big decision regarding divorce. The Apex Court in its judgement said that it can immediately dissolve the marriage on the ground of “irrevocable breakdown of marriage” using the powers under Article 142.

The Court ruled that it can exercise its privileges under Article 142 of the Constitution to annul a marriage on the ground that the rift between spouses cannot be bridged.

A five-judge bench headed by Justice S K Kaul said, “We have, in line with our findings, ruled that it is possible for this court to end a marital relationship on the ground that it has not been able to heal it. It will not violate specific or basic principles of government policy,” he said.

The bench also comprised Justices Sanjiv Khanna, A S Oka, VikramNath and J K Maheshwari.

“We have said that a period of six months may be granted depending upon the requirements and conditions mentioned in the two judgments of this court,” Justice Khanna said while pronouncing the verdict on behalf of the bench.

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