New Delhi: Gangster Mukhtar Ansari has been convicted by the MP MLA court of Varanasi in the Awadhesh Rai murder case. The court will pronounce the verdict on the sentence after 2 pm.

On August 3, 1991, Awadhesh Rai, brother of Congress leader and former MLA Ajay Rai, was shot dead outside Ajay Rai’s house in Varanasi. Mukhtar Ansari was not an MLA when the incident took place.

The famous Awadhesh Rai murder case made a lot of headlines across the country. In this case, the Varanasi MP / MLA Court is going to give its verdict today. Mukhtar Ansari is an accused in the case.

Awadhesh Rai was shot dead on August 3, 1991 in Lahurabir area of Varanasi. Armed assailants had killed Awadhesh Rai by firing indiscriminately. Awadhesh Rai was rushed to Kabir Chaura Hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead.

The deceased’s brother and former MLA Ajay Rai had filed a case against five people including Mukhtar Ansari, former MLA Abdul Kalam, Rakesh. The investigation was later handed over to the CBCID.

Mukhtar Ansari was not an MLA when the incident took place. Today, when the verdict in the case is coming, he is not an MLA. During the hearing of the case in June 2022, it was found that the case diary of the case had disappeared. The diary was searched in the court from Varanasi to Prayagraj but it was not found.

The entire case has been heard on the basis of photos. This will be the first case when a verdict is being pronounced on the basis of duplicate papers.

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