Ottawa: A federal bill that will force digital platforms like Netflix and YouTube to contribute financially to Canadian content has become a law after it was given royal assent. 

On Thursday, Bill C-11, which is also known as Online Streaming Act, has passed its final vote in the Senate on Thursday.

The government says the bill will not apply to individuals who post on social media, which had been a chief concern of opponents to the bill.

The federal government says the Online Streaming Act requires streaming services to contribute to the creation, production and distribution of Canadian stories in a way that is flexible and fair. 

“The law will give Canadians more opportunities to see themselves in what they watch and hear, under a new framework that will lead to a modern definition of Canadian Content that better reflects our country’s diversity. Canadian artists, producers, creators, and our cultural industry can now count on a fair shot at success in the digital age,” according to the press release issued by federal government.

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