New Delhi: Two pilots fell asleep while flying a flight from Sudan’s Khartoum to Ethiopia capital Addis Ababa on Friday and put the aircraft was on autopilot, resulting 25 minutes late landing at designated runway.

The Boeing 737-800 ET-343 was flying at 37,000 feet when the pilots fell asleep, according to the media reports.

The flight was on schedule and was scheduled to land at Addis Ababa. During this time, not one but both pilots fell asleep and the plane overtook the airport in auto pilot mode. It was later brought back and landed. There were 183 passengers in the flight.


ATC issues alert

According to a report, the flight was between Khartoum and Adis Ababa. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) sent a signal that the airport is close, then why are you (pilots) not bringing down the aircraft. There was no response from there.

When the ATC did not receive any response even after many alerts, officials disconnected the autopilot mode and the alarm was sounded. After this, the pilots woke up and returned the place to its destination.



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