Metro Vancouver’s TransLink is expected to approve a 2.3% fare increase on Canada Day for all transit in the region.

According to TransLink’s tariff amendment proposal, the cost of a single-trip ticket could increase by as much as 15 cents, while the cost of a day pass would increase by 25 cents to $11.

Monthly passes for one zone would increase by $2.30 to $102.55, two zone passes by $3.10 to $137.10, and three zone passes by $4.15 to $185.20. Concession passes would also increase by $1.30 to $58.60.

COVID-19 caused a large drop in transit ridership in 2020, which has since recovered to just over 50% of pre-pandemic levels. Due to the economic situation, TransLink cancelled the previously planned fare increase of 4.6% for 2020 and lowered the increase to 2.3% for 2021.

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