Mexico: Gunmen linked to organized crime killed about 18 people including mayor of Mexico city in a mass shooting in San Miguel Totolapan in southwest Mexico.

According to preliminary information, an event was going on in the Mexican City Hall when an unknown assailant enters the hall and opened fire indiscriminately.

Apart from the mayor, his father, former mayor Juan Mendoza Acosta and Munsipalti police officers were also perished in the deadly attack.

Following this gruesome incident, an atmosphere of tension has been created in the entire area.

The investigation is underway into the matter. Defense Ministry agents and police officials shifted the injured to nearby hospitals for treatment, Guerrero’s Public Safety Department said in a statement.

A picture after the firing incident has surfaced in which myriad of bullet marks are seen on a wall. At least 30-35 marks are visible. In another picture, the accused person is seen, who has been nabbed by the police. There is no official statement yet in this whole matter. However, an organisation has claimed responsibility for the incident.

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