Ottawa: It’s that time of year again where MPs will debate bills till night before the House closes in late June. This is because the federal government wants to pass as many bills as possible before the summer holidays.

On Wednesday, the government’s House Leader Mark Holland announced that the House of Commons will function daily from now on. It is worth mentioning that the proceedings of the House will be canceled for a two-month holiday from June 23.

A resolution was passed in November to extend the sitting hours of the House and now MPs will have to discuss several bills by night for three weeks.

Holland said that before MPs go on leave, the Liberal government wants a number of important bills such as the budget implementation bill, the foreign policy bill, the online news and disability benefit bill to be discussed and passed.

Holland also alleged that the decision had to be taken due to obstructions by the Conservatives. He said that the Conservatives deliberately spend extra time on each bill so that the House proceedings are delayed.

“The Liberals want their agenda of higher spending, higher costs, inflation, higher interest rates and higher crime to be quickly passed through the House of Commons,” said Andrew Scheer, a Conservative official in holland. Therefore, we will put time on any bill in which such disturbances appear.

“We will do our job. We have been given the responsibility to hold the government accountable and we will continue to do so,” he said.

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