Ottawa: Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre on Wednesday said he finds it hard to believe that security officials would withhold information from the prime minister about potential Chinese government threats against a Tory MP.

He asserted that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office or his ministers should have known something about the reported threats against MP Michael Chong and his family.

Trudeau said he was unaware of the alleged threat until it was reported publicly this week.

The Prime Minister said security officials decided to keep it to themselves after determining the threat was not credible. 

He said intelligence agencies have been asked to immediately inform MPs of any threats against them. 

Conservative MP Michael Chong said he still has questions about what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his office and his ministers knew about threats made against him and his family members who live in Hong Kong.

He said it raises questions about the Prime Minister’s Office’s grip on the machinery of the government. — Canadian Press. 

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