Since the beginning of the pandemic BC Government says, it has issued more than 100 health order violation tickets totalling nearly hundreds of thousands of dollars.

 Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety announced on August 21, that the government issued tickets to those who violated COVID-19 safety rules since then, the province has issued tickets worth a combined $55,000.

With over 100 public health orders and quarantine violation tickets, the province has collected just under $120,000.Two $2,300 tickets have been issued for food and liquor serving violations, nineteen $2,300 tickets have been issued to organizers and owners who broke orders for events and gatherings. 26 $230 tickets have been issued to those who refuse to follow virus protocol.

“The vast majority of British Columbians are doing the right things and following the advice of public health officials,” Farnworth said.

In a news release this week, the province also announced it would be extending the state of emergency again.

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