Toronto: The US and Canada are currently facing the brunt of bomb cyclones. The impact of this havoc was seen on Niagara Falls located on the border of the two countries.

On Tuesday, a Niagara Falls in the world’s largest waterfalls was completely frozen.

Completely snowy, Niagara Falls looked like a wonderland. It is located on the border of New York in the United States and Ontario in Canada. Also, the rainbow above it was making this whole scene more beautiful. Due to this, tourists reached here even in the bitter cold. A white sheet of snow can be seen on the edge of the waterfall. However, only a part of the waterfall could be converted into snow.

According to New York State Park, 3160 tons of water flows in this waterfall in a second. This water falls at 32 feet per second. According to the US Department of Tourism’s website, it is impossible to completely freeze this waterfall.

Amid ‘bomb cyclone’, over 50 people have lost their lives in the US so far due to bad weather. The biggest impact is being seen in Buffalo, New York. It is being said that for the first time in 50 years, the weather has deteriorated at this extent. This effect of the weather that started before Christmas can continue even after the New Year, officials said.

Meanwhile, the part of Niagara Falls on the US side has been frozen five times so far. Whenever this waterfall accumulated, the flow of water was affected at that time. In 164, steel ice booms were installed here to prevent the waterfall from becoming ice. Until 1912, tourists used to cross this waterfall through the Ice Bridge.

From here, they had a beautiful view of the base of the waterfall. But on February 4, 1912, three people died after falling into the Niagara River after meltdown of ice. Since then, the authorities have banned the crossing over the bridge.

Tourists stranded in Mexico

Many Canadian tourists are currently stranded in Mexico due to bad weather. Due to the bomb cyclone, many flights have been canceled and tourists are stranded in the country. Sunwing Vacations, a Canadian travel company, has expressed its inability to take these tourists to their destinations. After this, these tourists are stranded in the us and Canada border.

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