Toronto: Toronto mayo by-election will be held on June 26 to elect its next mayor, City Clerk John D. Elvidge said on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Toronto’s deputy mayor Jennifer McKelvie said that she has no intention of holding a by-election for the mayor’s post to replace John Tory before June.

Therefore, she is not going to convene a meeting of the city council anytime soon. During a show, Jennifer McKelvie said that she wants the by-elections to be held as soon as possible because Toronto residents are in a hurry to meet their new mayor. But city staff also need time to prepare for the biggest by-elections.

McKelvie said it would hold the city council meeting on schedule, which takes place on March 29.

It is worth mentioning that in this meeting, if the counselors pass a bylaw to start this process, then these by-elections can be held in June or July.

McKelvie said she would therefore heed the city clerk’s advice on when to hold the vote, while some of her council colleagues believe the number of voters could be reduced due to the summer by-election.

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