North Vancouver RCMP and ICBC are announcing a new reinforcement initiative being launched today aimed at youth and their behaviours getting to and from school. Watch out for us; we’ll be the ones making kids smile, said Sgt. Peter DeVries of the North Vancouver RCMP. This campaign targets young people. When we see them doing the right thing, they’ll be stopped, their behaviour affirmed and encouraged, and they will receive a positive ticket that includes vouchers for treats.

The initiative is aimed at reinforcing positive behaviours as part of the Detachment’s ongoing efforts to improve road safety for students travelling to and from school. Wearing a helmet when you ride your bike? That’s a positive ticket, said Sgt. DeVries. Using the crosswalk? Ticket. Displaying your N sign on the back of your car? You got it: ticket.

The tickets, which are the result of the ongoing partnership the RCMP has with ICBC and the North Vancouver School District, aren’t just a token. Children and teens who are observed following the rules of the road, or making safe choices when they commute to and from school, will receive coupons for free slushies, ice cream cones, and other inducements for continued good behaviour.

One of our top priorities in North Vancouver is to improve road safety, said Sgt. DeVries. We know that it is especially important to educate vulnerable road users like children, cyclists and new drivers, he said, noting schools offer a unique opportunity to speak to a captive audience. Students are coming to one place. If we can grab their attention by doing something creative and fun, we can open up an opportunity to teach them safe road use behaviours, and reward those behaviours when we see them. Those experiences can have an impact on choices they make as they get older.

Sgt. DeVries said the positivity experienced when handing out tickets creates a lasting impression on officers too. Sometimes an ice cream is worth a thousand words to giver and receiver alike.

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