Two men are thanking an off-duty police officer and his son after their canoe capsized this past weekend.

On September 6th, 2021 and 11:00 AM, an off-duty RCMP Member with the Forensic Identification Section and his eleven-year-old son were canoeing on Griffin Lake, located 27 kilometers west of Revelstoke, BC.

While hearing screams for Help! they proceeded swiftly to a capsized canoe and found two adult males clinging to it without lifejackets.

The Member and his son assisted by getting the men to their canoe, providing them with lifejackets as they hung-on, while being taken safely to shore, where they were greeted by their respective families.

In speaking with one of the males from the capsized canoe, he stated, I would like to express our gratitude to the officer and his son. They helped us remain calm and forever grateful. There is no doubt this would have been a different story if they had not have responded to their cries for help.

The Revelstoke RCMP want to take this time to remind those boaters to ensure they wear an approved lifejacket and be cognizant of clothing attire being worn underneath the lifejacket as wet clothing could hinder one’s ability to swim.

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