Chandigarh: Punjabi singer Gurdas Maan, who is embroiled in a controversy for supporting the idea of ‘one nation, one language’, has put forth his side through the new song ‘Baat Sunoh Punjabi Dosto’.

In the eight-minute 27-second video, Gurdas Maan is surrounded by some people, to whom he is seen giving a clarification about his statement. In the song, Mann also thanked the people who supported him in such a difficult time.

Following the release of the song, people are divided on newly released song as many appreciated his song while some users termed it an ego-driven song to downplay Punjabis.

Punjabi industry and his supporters shared his song and called it Masterpiece on the another hand people are lashing out at Maan on the social media for the song.

A user said on social media, “Wow, Gurdas Maan’s ego-driven rehab attempt only further sunk whatever remained of his legacy.”

Another user said, “Gurdas Maan now you proved again that you r though good artist but certainly not legend as presumed. You r person who preach humbleness but can’t confess mistakes,prefer territorial nation over ur mother tongue & people who made u.”

Supporting the song, a user said, “Mr Mann – I feel people who don’t love Punjabi, only those can hate you. For real Punjabi the life cycle does not complete if they don’t listen to your songs . Thank you so much for this beautiful song.”

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