Ottawa: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau led the Liberal cabinet to hold a Cabinet meeting again in Vancouver today during its three-day retreat to chalk out the government’s strategies to combat the increasing cost of living and strengthening health care across the country among other agendas in the meeting on Wednesday.

“Cabinet is meeting again today. From making life more affordable for you and your family to strengthening health care across the country, we’re tackling the issues that matter most to you. That has been our focus from day one – and we’re continuing that work in Vancouver today,” PM Trudeau wrote on its twitter handle.

Trudeau said in a statement that his government will keep working to further strengthen the economy to meet the needs of Canadians, making life more affordable for families, and building a green, healthy future for everyone. Ministers will also work to advance other priorities for Canadians, including making housing more affordable, improving the delivery of government services, taking climate action and transitioning to a clean economy, strengthening democracy here in Canada and around the world, and creating safer communities.

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