Ontario: The 22-year-old man, who allegedly opened fire on a group of men who forcibly entered his home in Milton over the weekend made a brief appearance in court on Tuesday.

According to the information, on Sunday, police officers were called to the scene after receiving information about a shooting at a house in Gibson Crescent near Derry and Tomken Road.

Police said that some miscreants entered a house with the intention of robbing when they confronted the person present in the house. Shots were fired by the man.

One person was declared dead on the spot. The suspect, has been identified as Ali Mian, who opened fire on the intruder was taken into custody by the police.

Mian’s lawyer, Jag Virk said his client lives in the house with his mother. Mian has been charged with second degree murder.

Criminal lawyer Jag Virk said his client should not be charged with murder as suspect entered his house with the intention of a robbery and attacked his client’s mother.

In a statement, Virk said that Mian has a registered gun and used his gun against armed intruders. He had no intention of killing him and so he should be acquitted from all charges.

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