Ontario: Ontario has passed a bill extending more powers to the mayor. After this, Toronto and Ottawa will be able to pass some bylaws with support of over a third of council.

The latest bill allows the province to appoint the regional chairs in province Nigra, Peel and York, giving further boost to the so-called strong mayor powers given by the government to Toronto and Ottawa earlier this year.

Through the first set of powers, leaders will be free to veto the council’s decision to prepare new homes, prepare and present the city’s budget, hire department heads and fire them.

Apart from this, through these new powers, they will also be allowed to propose housing-related bylaws and pass them with the help of one-third of the councillors.

Although Toronto Mayor John Tory has said he will exercise these powers in a limited way and with full responsibility. Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe said he was not interested in exercising those powers.

Premier Doug Ford said Toronto and Ottawa are acting as a “test area” and these powers to be expanded to other cities next year.

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