New Delhi: A video of a young man being assaulted on a flight from Bangkok to India is going viral on the social media.

The airline says that the fight started after the cabin crew refused to follow the safety instructions. Thai Smile Airways said the incident took place on December 26, before it took off from Thailand for Kolkata.

The crew members asked the passengers to adjust their seats directly for takeoff. According to the report, one passenger refused to adjust his seat saying that he had pain in his back.

The crew members repeatedly requested the passenger and also explained the rationale behind adjusting the seat during take-off and landing, the report said. He said that it is difficult to have a tilted seat during an emergency.

Apart from this, it is also difficult to come from the tilted seat to the position in which to sit during emergency landing.

Despite repeated requests, the passenger did not follow the instructions of the crew members and sat with his seat tilted.

Soon, other passengers started complaining about it. One of them got into an argument with him, which immediately turned into an assault.

The video shows several passengers beating up the passenger who refused to adjust his seat. During this time the passenger is seen trying to save himself.

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