New Delhi: A spicejet flight was allegedly manhandled by a passenger on board a flight, police said on Sunday. According to the information received, the passenger had allegedly misbehaved with the female crew member.

A video related to this incident is also going viral. In this video, the passenger is seen shouting at the female crew member. After this, some more passengers come to the rescue of female crew member and the passenger was asked to sit down.

According to the incident, flight number SG-8133 going from Delhi to Hyderabad is going. An argument broke out between the passenger and the crew member over alleged misbehaviour while boarding a flight in Delhi on January 23.

After this, the woman crew member informed the PIC and security staff about the wrong behavior of the passenger. After this, the passenger who allegedly misbehaved and the co-passenger travelling with him were thrown down from the flight in Delhi and handed over to the security staff.

This is not the first case of misbehaviour by a passenger on a flight. Last year, a co-passenger on an Air India flight was allegedly urinated by a passenger.

After the incident came to light, Air India had imposed a four-month travel ban on accused Shankar Mishra. The incident took place on November 26, 2022, on a Flight from New York to Delhi.

According to a media report, Shankar Mishra has been banned for four months by the airline for urinating on an elderly woman on an Air India flight. The incident on the New York-Delhi flight had sparked outrage across the country.

Shankar Mishra had allegedly urinated on a 72-year-old woman on the flight. He was arrested from Bengaluru last week, six weeks after his heinous act.

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