Ottawa: Ontario MP Pierre Poilievre is still the most popular choice to be the next Conservative party leader, but trails opponent Jean Charest for support among Canadians as a whole.
According to the new Leger poll conducted in collaboration with association for Canadian Studies states that 44 percent of Conservative voters believe that Poilievre will be next suitable party leader while his main rival and former Quebec premier Jean Charest gets support of 17 percent voters.
The poll was held between August 5 and August 7 online among 1500 Canadian voters by Leger’s representatives panel.

About 22 percent Conservative voters said they don’t know which would be best leader among five candidates while 8 percent belive that none of them would make the best leader.
Among other candidates, Ontario MP Leslyn Lewis got 6% support, Ontario MP Scott Aitchison supported by 2 percent and Roman Baber gets only one percent support from Conservatives.
This is the maiden poll survey on the race carries out by Leger since Brampton mayor Patrick Brown was disqualified from the leadership over allegations of wrongdoing.
During the Leger poll in June, Poilievre got 44 percent share of support among Conservatives while Charest was backed by 14 per cent and Brown by only four per cent.
The August poll has rise Charest’s chart by three points, while Poilievre’s remained unchanged.

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