New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Assam today, where he has given a gift of Rs 14, 300 crore to the state. He has given the first AIIMS and three medical colleges to northeast India.

He said that work has been done on social infrastructure here and a lot of work has been done in the education and medical field as well. One AIIMS and three medical colleges inaugurated are now functional.

PM Modi said that some people suffer when they discuss the development of the North East.  These people worry about credit. Credit-hungry people felt far away from the North East. He created a sense of alienation. PM Modi said that the present government is working with a sense of service.

The PM said that Delhi’s AIIMS was built in the 50s. People from every corner of the country used to come and get treatment. Atal ji’s government tried to open AIIMS in other places, but later everything came to a standstill, the AIIMS that were opened were working due to lack of facilities. We worked on 15 AIIMS.

Due to the policies of the previous governments, we have a shortage of doctors and medical professionals. This shortage was a hindrance to quality health services, so the present government has worked on increasing medical infrastructure and professionals.

“In the first 10 years before 2014, 150 medical colleges were built, but in our government, more than 300 medical colleges have been built. Seats in medical colleges have been increased significantly. We have started medical education in Indian languages so that people from remote areas can take education.”

The PM said that policy intention and loyalty do not work with any selfishness, but with the policy of nation first and countryman first. The plan was made so that the poor do not have to go far for treatment, the poor do not have to suffer for treatment.


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