Ottawa: Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre on Sunday called for lower payroll taxes, curb spending and build new homes within reach of all in the upcoming federal budget.

Ahead of the budget to be presented in Parliament on March 28, Poilievre briefed about his party’s priorities regarding the budget on Parliament Hill during a press conference.

The Tory leader accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for rising inflation and said it was because of Trudeau that Canadians today were unable to meet their daily needs and build homes for their families.

Poilievre’s criticism came as interest rates raised by the Bank of Canada to curb inflation slowed the pace of the economy and the risk of recession due to global trends.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said the government was doing everything possible to contain inflation. A special strategy has also been formulated in the budget to compete with the US in terms of green economy and clean technology.

Several billion dollars have been earmarked for further spending to improve health care and this will be done through bilateral deals with the provinces, she added.

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