Chandigarh: Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has has targeted Punjab and Khalistani sympathisers on social media after clash between supporters of Waris Punjab De head Amritpal Singh and Punjab Police in Ajnala.

Challenging Amritpal for a debate on Khalistani issue, she said, “Amrit pal has openly challenged the nation if anyone ready to have intellectual discussion with him he can justify the demand of Khalistan I am shocked no one has accepted this challenge not even any politician. If I am not beaten/attacked or shot dead by Khalistanis I am ready.”

She further wrote that Whatever is happening in Punjab I predicted two years ago,many cases were filed on me, arrest warrant was issued against me, my car was attacked in Punjab, lekin wahi hua na jo maine kaha tha,now is the time non- Khalistani Sikhs need to make there position and intension clear.

Bollywood actress said that 6 summons, one arrest warrant, ban on my movies in Punjab, physical attack on my car, the price a nationalist pays to keep the nation together. Khalistanis are declared terrorists by GOI if you believe in the constitution, you mustn’t have any doubt about your position on this.

Controversy during farm-protest

Kangana Ranaut had made sharp comments during farmers’ protest at the Delhi border 2 years ago. In this, Kangana said that elderly women joined the sit-in for Rs 100.

She tweeted about Mahinder Kaur, an 87-year-old woman farmer from Bahadurgarh Jandia village in Bathinda. After which Mahinder Kaur filed a defamation case in Bathinda court. In this case, a warrant was issued against Kangana Ranaut from Bathinda court. She later apologized.

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