Ottawa: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will travel to Asia next week. 

In a statement, Prime Minister’s office said Justin Trudeau will visit Jakarta, Indonesia to participate in the ASEAN Summit from September 5 to 6. 

Thereafter, the Prime Minister will travel to Singapore on a bilateral visit from September 7 to 8. 

From September 9 to 10, he will be in New Delhi to participate in G20 Summit.  

The Prime Minister’s office said Justin Trudeau will also participate in an ASEAN-Canada Summit, during which the official launch of the ASEAN-Canada Strategic Partnership will take place. 

The Prime Minister will also hold bilateral meetings with leaders on the margins of the Summit.

“At the G20 Summit in New Delhi, the Prime Minister will work with international partners to tackle today’s global crises to build a better tomorrow for people around the world. He will promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDS) in his role as co-Chair of the SDG Advocates group, and advocate for increased collaboration in the areas of climate change, international financial institution reform, food and energy security, gender equality, and improved global health,” a statement released by Prime Minister’s office said. 

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