Chandigarh: Two days after Jalandhar by-election, the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission has fixed new tariff charges for the financial year 2023-24. According to the notification, electricity will be expensive in Punjab from May 16. For the smallest domestic consumer, where the energy charge was earlier Rs 3.49 per unit, it has now been increased to Rs 4.49 per unit. For large domestic consumers, the price has been increased from Rs 6.63 per unit to Rs 6.96 per unit.

Similarly, only fixed charges have been increased for non-residential small consumers. While energy rates have been kept old. However, for non-residential use consuming more than 20 kW, the energy tariff has also been increased from Rs 6.35 per unit to Rs 6.75 per unit with fixed charge.

Electric vehicle charging stations will also get electricity expensive. For this, it has been increased from Rs 6 per unit to Rs 6.28 per unit.

For small industries, it was increased from Rs 5.37 per unit to Rs 5.67 per unit. For medium supply, consumers with 20 kW to 100 kW range from Rs 5.80 per unit to Rs 6.10 per unit.

For large supply consumers, the price has been increased from Rs 6.05 to Rs 6.45 per unit for 100-1000 units in the general category, while from Rs 6.15 to Rs 6.55 for 100 to 2500 units.

At the same time, for consumers of more than 2500 units, it has been increased from Rs 6.27 to 6.67.

CM Bhagwant Mann said that the Punjab government will bear the cost of increasing the electricity rates. It will not have any burden on the common people. He said that not a single meter of the 600-unit scheme will be affected.

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