Victoria: The B.C. government said its Ministry of Agriculture and Food is working with partners to support farmers and ranchers in the province who are facing challenges due to the current shortage of hay and feed across Western Canada.

“We are in daily communication with producers impacted by drought, and the main issue we are hearing right now is that some are already having to use their fall and winter feed,” said Pam Alexis, Minister of Agriculture and Food. 

“We are listening to what farmers and ranchers need most, and in collaboration with BC Cattlemen’s and other partners, we are taking action to help producers on the ground find all available sources of hay for their animals.”

The B.C. government is funding a new Access to Feed program, which will be delivered in partnership with the BC Cattlemen’s Association (BCCA). 

“Through this program, the BCCA will match sellers of hay and feed domestically across Canada and internationally with farmers and producers,” the province said. 

The province said many farmers and ranchers have specific needs when it comes to the type of feed their animals require. 

“The BCCA will collaborate with industry partners and local producers to get the right type of feed to those in need as quickly as possible. Information about sources of feed will be made readily available and BCCA will help to coordinate and support feed requests from the other livestock sectors and smaller producers,” the province said in a statement.

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