Chandigarh: The links of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s murder has reached the Punjabi music industry. Mansa police have nominated two more accused in the Moosewala murder case on Friday.

According to the police, both of them are associated with the music industry, however, police have not revealed their names yet. Moosewala’s father organised a candle march protest on Thursday and sent a complaint to the DGP in which it was alleged that these people were threatening Moosewala. After which both have been named in section 120B of IPC.

Both were associated with Moosewala in the early stages

Moosewala’s father told in the complaint that initially both of them were associated with Sidhu. It was about the time when Moosewala went to Canada to study and was starting his singing career. The two initially had a very good relationship with him. He had a music studio, through which many songs of Moosewala were launched. After this Moosewala did stage shows in many countries. Both of them sawmanaged the whole arrangement for him, police officials said.


Things went wrong, gangsters entered

According to police officials, both of them started grabbing the earnings of Moosewala’s stage show. Moosewala used to get only a small part of the earnings. After which he withdrew the agreement with them. Both these accused started threatening Moosewala and even threatened him to do a show in Canada.

Slain singer Sidhu accepted this and did successful shows in Canada. However, they reportedly created a YouTube channel and many Moosewala’s songs were leaked. Even after this, Moosewala did not come under their pressure, so these people started threatening Moosewala through gangsters.

Another singer targeted at Moosewala’s father

Balkaur Singh, father of Sidhu Moosewala also accused that there is another singer of Punjabi music industry who is involved in his son’s killing. Yesterday, during the candle march, he said that a singer who calls gangsters his brother and then asks for security from Punjab Police. There is a lot of discussion going on about this too. The singer’s name was earlier also associated with the Moosewala murder case, but the police later denied it.

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