The proportion of Canadians with at least one impairment has doubled in ten years: Data
Canada: Data from Statistics Canada shows 27 per cent of people 15 and older, or about eight-million Canadians, reported having at least one disability in 2022. That percentage has doubled in 10 years.
And Heather Walkus, the national chair of the Council for Canadians with Disabilities believes the numbers should push governments to help reduce barriers to accessibility.
The head of the Council for Canadians with Disabilities says that means they can’t join in with families and be part of the Canadian experience because of environment and attitudes and because of the way the system is set up to ensure there’s no success or little success.
The most common disability type is pain-related, at 62 per cent, followed by issues linked to flexibility and mobility.
A recent University of Calgary-led project found that nearly 60 per cent of public spaces in Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa are
either inaccessible or partially inaccessible to disabled people.
(The Canadian Press)


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