Ottawa: Thousands filed past London landmarks and ceremonial guards to pay their last respects and view Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin in Westminster Hall on Thursday.

Her coffin has been kept at Westminster Hall in the Parliament House of the British capital London for the last rites.

Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, died last week at the age of 96 in Scotland’s Balmoral Castle. Her coffin was brought from Scotland by road and air to Buckingham Palace.

King Charles III and his sons Prince William and Prince Harry were also present during the ceremonial visit and continued to walk behind the coffin.

The coffin was placed in a horse-drawn carriage and passed through the streets of central London, where thousands of mourners stood.

Heathrow Airport changed its flight schedule to ensure peace during the 40-minute journey. During this time, cannons were saluted from Hyde Park and Big Ben. The royal flag is draped over the coffin, on which the crown is placed.

The traditional ceremony began at 5 pm on Wednesday. Authorities have informed mourners queueing to see the coffin that they may have to wait 30 hours in line, with few chances to sit down or rest as the line could exceed 16 km to reach Westminster Hall.

Meanwhile, the funeral to begin at 11am local time on Monday and conclude with a national two-minute silence.

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