Ottawa: The minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship Sean Fraser today announced to lift the 20-hour-a-week work rule and said that international students studying in Canada are now eligible to work more hours off campus.

The move came amid the the country continues to grapple with labour shortages and the minister said that international students contribute to the Canada’s economy as well enrich the communities.

“Today, I announced new and important measures to help address the labour shortage and continue to support international students. Beginning on November 15th 2022, until Dec. 31, 2023, international students in CA will no longer be restricted by the 20-hour-a-week work rule. This means more than 500,000 international students who are already here in Canada will be eligible to work more if they choose to,” Minister wrote in a tweet.

He said that this change will help sustain Canada’s post-pandemic growth, and provides a boost to thousands of employers in sectors that are facing the most severe labour shortages. And as a result, many post-secondary students will gain even more work experience in Canada.

In another decision to reduce the processing time, the government is also launching a pilot program this month to automate the processing of applications to extend a study permit, which would reduce the processing times and decrease the backlogs, and provides international students with the service they deserve.

The minister said that as a top destination for international students, they will continue to ensure international students gain valuable work experience in Canada, while addressing the needs of the businesses and communities across the country.

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