Ottawa: U.S. President Joe Biden will visit Canada on March 23. It will be his first in-person visit to Ottawa since assuming the office in 2021.

According to the White House, Biden will meet Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and address the Canadian parliament during his two-day visit. 

On Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he is looking forward to welcoming Joe Biden to Canada. 

“We are going to focus on strengthening trade, creating jobs, growing the middle class, and fighting climate change — together,” Trudeau said, while outlining the two leaders’ priorities during the visit. 

According to the statement issued by the Prime Minister Office, Trudeau and Biden will also cooperate on global issues of mutual interest, including unwavering support for Ukraine against Russian aggression. 

During the meeting of both leaders, issues related to continental defence, economic relations and support for people of Haiti are expected to be discussed. 

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