Chandigarh: In the festive season, Verka has again increased the prices of milk in Punjab ahead of festival season. Verka has now increased the price by Rs 2 per kg.

The new increased milk rates will be applicable from October 16. Verka has increased milk prices for the second time in 4 months.

A Verka manager said that milk producers have been demanding a price hike for quite some time. Therefore, verka milk prices have to be increased in the festive season itself.

He said that that milk producers were demanding an increase in the rate due to the increase in the prices of animal feed and fodder in the market. Their demand was also justified, as the prices of dry fodder are sky high at present.

Besides this, milk producers also suggested hike in the price of milk after the lumpy disease spread in animals. A large number of animals have died due to this disease and affected animals are also not giving milk, officials said.

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