We all are aware of Punjabis, their persona, their great sense of humour and their unique personality. In today’s Khurki theme, we are going to put a show light on Punjabis as a boyfriend and why is it good to have a Punjabi boyfriend!

1. Will love you with all his heart

punjabi boyfriend

The first thing for which Punjabi boyfriends are known is that they will love you with all their heart and will make all the efforts, plans and decisions to make the best out of your relationship.

2. Courageous, vibrant style and bold personality

punjabi boyfriend

If you have a Punjabi boyfriend, then one thing for sure is that he will be courageous, have a vibrant and a bold personality. Remarking as “eh tan saada style ae”.

3. He will support you now and forever

punjabi boyfriend

If you’ve ever had a Punjabi boyfriend, you’ll know that if you’re ever in trouble, no one will go “Thwadi Taa!” and rush by your side faster than anyone else.

4. He is an emotional and a “senti” boyfriend


If you are in relation with a Punjabi boyfriend, then one thing unique about him is that he is an emotional and sentimental being.

5. They are always optimistic

punjabi boyfriend

You’re always amazed how cheerful your Punjabi boyfriend can be. Life becomes a lot more fun when you hang out around someone who has a smile plastered on their faces 24/7.

6. They are really good listeners

punjabi boyfriend

You wouldn’t expect it, but your Punjabi BF is probably a really good listener. They’ll listen to what’s troubling you and play Agony Aunt without breaking a sweat.

7. They are extremely funny

punjabi boyfriend

Punjabis are one of the few communities in the world that can make as well as take jokes. What’s more, their comic timing is impeccable….So Punjabi boyfriends will surely keep you happy.

8. You will get to attend tons of Punjabi weddings


If you’ve ever been to one, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you’ve really missed out on life.

9. Extremely courteous to your parents

punjabi boyfriend

“Satsriakal Uncle Ji, Pairi Pauna Aunty Ji.” Those silver tongued rogues, which will help you a lot if you want to take your relationship to another level.

10. They are surprisingly good at money

punjabi boyfriend

Even though they come from a community that loves to splurge lavishly, they’re surprisingly good with money and really great at getting the biggest bang for their buck.

11. You’ll start understanding Bollywood songs that contain more Punjabi than Hindi



Like “Paani Da Rang” from Vicky Donor. Seriously, unless you’re Punjabi or know someone who is, that song is pretty much melodious gibberish and with him you can also feel the romance of all the great Punjabi songs.

12. You will surely put on a lot of weight with the Aloo Paranthas


Another thing for sure is that he will make you eat a lot of Punjabi food, especially paranthas.

13. They’re great drivers

punjabi boyfriend

Since they start driving by the age of 8, Punjabi dudes are natural behind the wheel and will surely take you out on long drives all the time.

14. Wouldn’t blink again before forgiving you

punjabi boyfriend

This is by far the best thing about a Punjabi BF. Even if something goes wrong, all you need to do is apologize sincerely and they’ll shrug it off with a casual “Oh Koi Gal Nai” and give you a hug and if you’re lucky may be a kiss.

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