The land of five rivers ‘Punj-aab’ (Punjab) is well known for its abundantly rich heritage, tradition and culture. Talking about the folks in this agro-based state is seriously a topic worth discussing, as from my opinion Punjabis are the best people around.

To prove this, I can provide 20 valid reasons why these people are one of the best:

1. These people are extremely lively at any occasion and enjoy the moment in true spirits

Punjabi Don't Keep Calm

2. Punjabis are the live-wires of celebration and merriment. They enjoy every split second of the activity with full participation

Punjabi Occasions

3. Punjabis make up the limelight of every show. They are show stoppers with their amazing sense of jubilation

Panjabian Di Shaan

4. Talking about their eating habits, these people are foodies with their ‘Lassi, Makki Di Roti with Sarson Da Saag and Aloo Paranthe’ being world-famous eatables


5. If you wanna party hard….then just party like a Punjabi, because they are unmatchable

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

6. They prefer living “SINGH SIZE” rather than “King Size”

Singh is King

7. They are the most helpful, caring and loving guys towards everyone. So you are definitely fortunate enough to have a Punjabi as your friend!

Punjabi Friendship

8. They give respect to elders and always bow before them at any situation, thus Punjabis are the most respectful

Respect For elders

9. As I said earlier, besides it being a land of five rivers, Punjabis have immensely rich patronage of their lords, as it is “Guruaan, Peeran, Fakeeran di Dharti”

Pranaam to Guru Maharaj

10. Punjabis are very impressive, they seldom copy others but usually make others copy their ‘swag’

Swag Jatt Da

11. If you meet an unknown Punjabi, he would always expect to call you  “Bhaji, Baiji or Veer ji”. Truly, they win the hearts of many at this referring style


12. Punjabis are not anti-entertainment, rather they have developed the art of entertaining

Cool Punjabi's

13. Very few Punjabis are scientists, but they invented the art of ‘Jugaad’

Punjabi Jugaadi

14. People of Punjab are very expressive and they are certainly the ‘copyright’ holders of dancing by heart. That is why Bhangra and Giddha have gone viral all around the globe

Punjabi Dance

15. If you ever visit a Punjabi at his/her residence, the hospitality and food offerings would fill your appetite for the next day as well!!

Punjabi women Hospitality

16. Punjabis always have a ‘never-say-die’ attitude, which makes them special


17. Punjabis are “Royal Enfield Bullet lovers”. They are least bothered about inflation in petrol price and they believe “Enfield is meant for those who have a heart full of emotions… because Bullet is not just a bike, it’s life for all the Punjabis”


18. They are the natural ‘pain-relievers’ with their funny attitude and joking ability, amusing many around them

Punjabi Joke

19. With stout bodies and sound soul, they have made their place in each and every sport


20. If you don’t love going abroad, you are not a true Punjabi as wherever they reside, they call themselves ‘PUNJABI’ with pride

Pride Punjabi

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