We all have attended a number of weddings in our lifetime and have come across people who, after of course having a peg sheg, get down to the dance floor and shake a leg in the most bizarre styles ever…not only you but the entire pandal falls into fits of laughter after seeing their star performances..

Sometimes it’s even the couple that makes you go like – oh teri…really??

Here are 10 such wedding dance moves from apni desi weddings which will make your tummy hurt due to laughing like a crazy felloooow:

1. Wohooo there, fellow..!!

2. Shahrukh fan it seems..!!

3. Shaadi ki itni khushi??

4. My naani could get a heart attack seeing this..!!

5. OMG..!!

6. And why are they even dancing..??

7. Ya thanks for handing him over more daaru..silly..!!

8. Damn some amazing hand twists there buddy..!!

9. I sincerely pity the girl who got married to this idiot..

10. Granny fully drunk yo..!!

So here was the dose of laughter to make your day..if you got some of these kinds too then share them with us…

And, in case this wasn’t a good enough dose:

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Happy Living..!!

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