Today in Punjab, nearly 99% households have one or the other from their family settled abroad…be it apna kaka…chache da munda..mammey di dhee or koi vee...but yep it’s always a proud moment for them to boast ke haanji saadi oh te oh ji othe rehnde aa..!!

I am sure many of you can relate to this feeling and are smiling right now…saying aaho aaho !!


So when we hear some bad news or happenings, we start feeling that the place is not safeBut little do we realise that not everyone’s a racist and not every country is unsafe until and unless we are the reason for these feelings ourselves…

It’s always a pleasure to connect with desis from different parts of the country but when Punjabis meet, it is the typical ‘gaah‘ jo penda!

Here…watch the Bhangra In Pardes By Apne Desis:

And finally my favourite…

Well I am sure some of you might end up saying yaar iss se acha to hum bhangra kar lein but what matters is that these guys are diversifying the Punjabiyat to different arenas so hats off to their efforts…burrrrrah..!!

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