People living abroad have interesting observations and funny beliefs about Indians. They think Indians are desi if they do the following annoying things…

When unwell, everyone turns into a doctor advising what to do

Parents lecture in English to children: “No English, you should speak in your mother tongue at home”.

Mom Lecturing

Indians, specially Punjabi families, knows about Kamasutra but no one talks about it to each other


Your parents insist you marry within your own caste and race

India and Pakistan

There is always a comparison with their friend’s kid

Indian Parents

Your parents buy you clothes/shoes. You don’t have right to get it on your own because you don’t have sense of style



Parents screaming at the top of their voice when calling India


Hahaha this is interesting……. If you are fat, then you belong to “Khaate Peete Ghar ke”.

Fat Indian Kid

You can’t have sex before marriage

no sex

What rubbish!!

Indian parents bargain, even where prices are fixed


Come across such things. Khurki is sure you did. Then why not share it for the benefit of other Khurkis

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